Tracking/ Fleet Management System

Companies are looking for different opportunities to save the costs and improve business performance. GPS technology combined with RFID and GSM data transferring comes as an answer to the key concerns of many companies. Halogen has a wide range of GPS products for nearly every application of usage: from simple Track &Trace to dual Sims and advanced GPS tracking hardware. It is very important to monitor not only the position of the object, but also additional information like fuel usage, temperature status, CAN bus data etc. We have all needed accessories and experience to supply you the full package from one hand.

Warehouse / inventory Solution

We see the warehouse as the main link in the supply chain. Our solution integrates invoice creation, available supplies in warehouse, manifest creation, and complete logistics from warehouse to final destination. Solution offers:

Order scanning validation at the warehouse level

Management and notification of discrepancies

Minimized shipment errors

On-line dashboard view of inventory in warehouse

Monitoring of required storage conditions (i.e. humidity)

Recurring dashboard view of 7 days activity of each product

Automated minimum inventory notification system


Personal Tracker

Our personal tracker is a mobile panic device with built-in functions characteristic of a mobile phone and an integrated A-GPS receiver. This device is intended for the surveillance and protection of people, cargo and objects. The A-GPS receiver may define the current location of the device and sends this data to a person in charge or our control room.

Halogen offers armed reaction service with the mobile panic system whereby we a team of mobile police will be dispatch upon the receipt of distress call from the mobile panic.