In present day Nigeria, the security of homes, banks and estates are of a necessity entrusted to security agents, either private or governmental. Just having security personnel has not guaranteed the efficiency and effectiveness of discharging his duties. Instead of patrolling around the premises, many guards sleep, and some does not even bother, leading to a false sense of security to the owners of such properties. A solution to this is found in the ONLINE ELECTRONIC GUARD TOUR PATROL SYSTEM, which require the security personnel to physically get up and walk a set path to a designated location to register wireless presence at an agreed time interval, for example every twenty minutes.


A record of such a time interval is instantly transferred to a control centre of the owner’s choice, which may include his own personal phone or the person or an administrator in charge of security as the case may be. A record of such a nature exists as proof that the security personnel actually physically patrolled at the times agreed. The “clocking in” (every twenty minutes for example) keeps the security personnel awake, patrolling and keeping surveillance. GUARDTEK is an online real-time guard tour system, it is a secure, web-based solution to manage and configure guard tours online, Map-based, real time incident and patrol tracking with capability of configuring notifications online and receive instant alerts (i.e incomplete tours, incidents etc.) by email.