We provide secured escort services for the movement of people and assets from source to the destination, anywhere within the country. This is to give adequate protection to your valuables without attracting unnecessary attention. This service includes Airport pick-up and Drop-off functions as well as dedicated armed escort services across major cities in Nigeria to borders towns. This service includes Meet & Greet, which involves meeting the passenger at the luggage area and Endeavour to assist to ease off the bottlenecks associated with airport clearances. It is most useful when the passenger is a first time traveler to Nigeria. Our armed escort services customized to suit the client’s requirements and peculiar circumstances.  We are disposed to providing the following methods.

Lead Team only

Back-up Team only

Lead and Back-up as a whole unit

Armed security personnel aboard a chauffeur-driven vehicle (Salon or SUV) only or in conjunction with any of the above

Chauffeur-driven vehicle only or with any of the first three methods above



For covert movement, we could deploy unbranded vehicles for this service. The services of Amour vehicles are also available for severe security situations when required.