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The advent of IOT (Internet of Things) has simplified the approach and made technology a critical factor in combating the risks in our society. Technology is now a critical enabler in creating a sustainable security management frame work.

Halogen Security has developed home grown security solutions with specialization in Intrusion & Fire Alarms, Intelligent Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance Systems and Perimeter Protection Systems (Land and Water Borders) by leveraging on strategic alliances and global partnerships. Our systems’ design, solution, engineering and capabilities are future-proof and suitable for business continuity in various markets.

Our electronic security solutions are end-to-end and integrated for homes, communities and critical infrastructure. They include:

  • Biometric systems: This includes fingerprint access and facial recognition.
  • Time and attendance: To manage the business workforce – check attendance, promptness and working hours, in order to enhance value and productivity.
  • Automated Gates: To reduce the risks of facility invasion, as this system allows only the key holders to unlock the gate. We also provide turnstiles.
  • Vehicle Barrier/ Boom Barrier: These are industrial specified vehicle barriers. It readily accepts power and data connections and operates with all access control and ticketing systems. We also provide under vehicle search mirrors.

These include intruder alarm monitoring, remote digital imaging and intercom that utilizes existing LAN/WAN, CCTV cameras, DVR’s, and biometric access control. We tailor bespoke solutions that address threats and risks.

Intrusion Alarm: This is an alarm system designed to automatically detect intrusion/unauthorized entry into a home building or office area.

This system is designed to detect unwanted presence of fire and smoke by monitoring environmental changes

This is the first line of defence for many environments. It is achieved through the use of latest Intelligent Analytics incorporated in Premium CCTV for Perimeter Protection.

This technology converts electric power or battery power into a high voltage pulse. It is the shock which deters the intruder from putting pressure on the fence line.

Surveillance has emerged as a new leading security solution that combines networking infrastructure and video equipment to provide a more holistic and efficient approach to security. Our solution integrates the core security and safety infrastructure, which borders around Video surveillance system for life monitoring and recording activities within specified areas of concerns. Our cameras cover a variety of application needs, from robust outdoor cameras for harsh climates, to discreet products for sensitive environments. The cameras have a number of capabilities that provide advanced video analytics features – HDTV, wide dynamic range, infrared and Light-finder – which ensure clear video even in difficult lighting conditions. It provides real-time, remote-accessible views into the facility, affording companies 24/7 security and enhanced insight into their daily operations.


As an organisation, we have metamorphosed from just rendering services to proffering solutions. We offer integrated security systems designed specifically for Homes such as access control for visitors, video surveillance to monitor the environment or vehicles, intrusion detection and fire/life safety. You can be rest assured that once you install a Halogen security system, you’ve got a partner you can trust whether you need an entry-level security solution or fully-integrated system solution.

There will always be security challenges facing every entity’s productivity. Halogen is poised to face all these challenges for our customers and defeat them with our proficiency, experience and superior resources. We tailor our security solutions to suit every threat that confronts various sectors within the economy. We have security systems designed specifically for corporate environments, such as access control for employees and visitors, smart cards – used to track warehouse and bookstore purchases or computer access, video surveillance to monitor office areas or vehicles, intrusion detection, user identification and fire/life safety.